EDC Expert Group has had years of experience installing optical fibre cable. Using the latest equipment and software, EDC Expert Group has the expertise to suit any project.

Benefits of Optical Fibre

  • Vastly increased carrying capacity, more than one thousand times greater than comparable copper wire.
  • Optical signals are unaffected by electromagnetic interference, meaning communication is clearer and can be used in hostile environments.
  • The technology will support network infrastructure for many years to come, even in the rapidly moving world of IT.

EDC Expert Group Capabilities

  • Assist Clients with Fibre Network Design
  • Installation and Termination Testing
  • Fault Finding


EDC Expert Group use the fusion splicing method to terminate optical fibre cabling and use various connector styles including SC, ST, LC and MTRJ. EDC Expert Group can terminate the fibre in a number of different enclosures including various brands of internal wall and rack mountable enclosures and also Panduit, AFL, CommScope and Corning external enclosures.

Accreditation and Training

  • ACA Cabling Licences
  • Telstra Accreditations
  • Optus Accreditations
  •  Induction Courses
  • Fibre optic cable hauling certifications
  • Confined Spaces Training


  • Light Power and Source Meter
  • OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)


All fibre installations are tested and results recorded for client’s viewing
Fibre paths are marked on plans or drawings All terminations and cable paths are clearly labelled.

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