The company established in South Australia in September 1993 was formed to provide a specialized service to all divisions of the underground cabling and trenching industrial workplace. Born out of a need for a dedicated provider to this segment of business, the organization has forged an impressive record of achievement via its support and leadership of community related improvements to ecological and environmental procedures.

Since being established Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors has developed significant expertise and experience. This has enabled the company to branch out from underground communication construction work, to electrical reticulation, high pressure gas installation, HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), civil construction, manhole construction, cable hauling, service depthing, potholing and cable locating in addition to the other areas where further opportunities are being pursued.

Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors has established a design cell with Telstra accredited designers. This has given us the capability to undertake Telstra based communications design requirements.

Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors is proudly South Australian with 100% employment of local staff and links to other South Australian businesses and contractors who also are local and employ local workers.

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