Project Overview

The $867 million Northern Connector will be a six-lane, 15.5 kilometre motorway providing a vital freight and commuter link between the Northern Expressway, South Road Superway and Port River Expressway.

Our Role

EDC were engaged by Lendlease Engineering and Lendlease Services for the ITS package.  EDC supplied and installed the control and electrical cabling for the complete traffic management system.  This required over 100KM of cable to be ordered and suppled for the project with all installation and termination to be done by EDC.   Devices and systems installed by EDC we as follows

  • LUMS (Lane Use Management System)
  • VMS (Variable Message Signs).
  • VSLS (Variable Speed Limit Signs)
  • TIRTLES (vehicle counters)
  • Camera Poles
  • Control boxes
  • Road side cabinets
  • Optical Fibre works
  • Electrical works

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