EDC Expert Group and Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors are owned by the same company. This partnership gives us the strength and capability to complete the maintenance, design and construction of both natural and physically built environments such as roads, railways, buildings, subdivisions, airports, bridges, sewer systems and tunnels.

Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors

The company established in South Australia in September 1993 was formed to provide a specialized service to all divisions of the underground cabling and trenching industrial workplace. Born out of a need for a dedicated provider to this segment of business, the organization has forged an impressive record of achievement via its support and leadership of community-related improvements to ecological and environmental procedures.

Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors has established a design cell with Telstra accredited designers. This has given us the capability to undertake Telstra based communications design requirements.

Trenchless Pipelaying Contractors is proudly South Australian with 100% employment of local staff and links to other South Australian businesses and contractors who also are local and employ local workers.


  • Underground services locators
  • Hydro Excavation (Vac) for service potholing.
  • Hydro Excavation for pit and pipe installation.
  • 12 x Civil Crews including Excavator and Tipper with Compaction equipment and road cutting saws
  • Conduit repairs and unblocking of conduits.
  • Pit expansions and installations
  • Traffic Control
  • Re paving and landscaping of affected areas
  • Concrete works and pad formations
  • Pole rag cage installations


Hydro Excavation/Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

EDC’s Hydrovac Excavation system offers many advantages when compared to traditional excavation machines. The system utilises high pressure water and vacuum technology to quickly and cleanly blast through soil, dirt, clay, gravel and rocks as well as other debris and materials while simultaneously being vacuumed into a holding tank for disposal.
EDC’s Hydrovac system is used to expose services such as stormwater, Sewer, Gas, Plumbing, Electrical, Communications and Fibre optic infrastructures as well as opening ground for future cabling and structural work. Hydrovac Excavation has become the preferred form of excavation due to its non-destructive and non-invasive process. Digging trenches using general excavation techniques also poses potential safety hazards when excavating around buried gas lines and hydraulic services. EDC’s Hydrovac system provides safe and accurate digging that limits the amount of damage of any pipework below.
Services available with EDC’s Hydrovac Excavation include;

Pot Holing

Pot Holing is the process of exposing buried facilities by vacuum excavation. EDC’s pot holing service can enhance project safety, increase productivity, and lower costs through this faster and safer form of accurate digging.


  • Visual confirmation of buried lines
  • Directional drilling of test holes
  • Pipeline and utility crossings
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) test holes


EDC can undertake trenching utilising a traditional excavator or via Hydro Vac if there is multiple services present that prevent the use of an excavator.
EDC can excavate trenches as narrow as 100mm wide, otherwise known as slot trenching. Slot trenches are commonly used for investigative or installation purposes.


  • Perimeter (exploratory) slot trenching
  • Expose existing cables or conduits
  • Cable or conduit installation
  • Location of Conduit Blockages for damage repairs

Pole Holes

EDC can dig holes (of varying diameter and depth) for all types of poles including: power poles, telecom poles, traffic signals, light poles, signs, fence posts, etc. EDC can either drill holes with an auger or Hydro Vac the hole out is there is services present. This is a fast and accurate way of digging multiple holes in a short amount of time.


  • Utility pole holes
  • Traffic signal pole holes
  • Light standard holes
  • Sign post holes
  • Transmission pole holes
  • Pole removals
  • Light poles

Debris Removal and Tank Clean Outs

EDC Crews can remove practically any type of material (soil, water, sludge, spills, debris, etc.) from remote or safe distances. EDC’s pressurized water system also assists with cleaning wet and dry material and assist in the clean-up process of debris. This system is also very efficient in the clean-up of confined and flooded spaces.


  • Conduit and Pit cleanouts
  • Tank cleanouts
  • Road and box culvert cleanouts
  • Blocked Conduits and pipes

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